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into the vortexYesterday’s post brought forward such a wonderfully thoughtful comment (you can read it here) that I wanted to go deeper into the whole question of taking action and the place of discipline and commitment when we’re manifesting from flow.

The work (the discipline) is a physical manifestation towards what I’ve already created and completed in my mind. In other words, it’s already DONE! The work shows that I’m committed to the outcome, it’s not a goal in itself and not done or even worth doing for its own sake.

When I wrote yesterday my list of “things that happen” when I’m committed, it wasn’t a “to-do” list, it was an “it’s-done” list of what happens pretty much automatically and by default when I’ve lined up with the outcome. It’s the INSPIRED action that is the result of Source’s going ahead of me into the that space and time where it’s already done (aka the Vortex) and calling me forwards towards it. It’s not a checklist of what I HAVE to do in order to push myself towards the goal.


But recognising the inspired action is not necessarily the same as actually doing it! I might have the totally inspired idea to make a video; I KNOW it’s the right thing to do, it excites me and generates a huge YES! in me BUT it also scares me to death. It’s new, it’s outside my comfort zone, I have to learn a new technology, maybe I’ll make a fool of myself or I won’t look good .. whatever.

I WANT to do it but I’m afraid so I make excuses to put it off and if I keep doing that, at some point it will stop feeling inspired and I’ll decide it wasn’t such a good idea after all. Inspiration doesn’t stick around if you keep pushing it away, it goes off to find a better home where it’s more welcome.

The “Tony Robbins Method”

If I don’t want to lose the inspiration, I have basically two and a half options(!) I absolutely could push through the fear and do it anyway, do it afraid, and accept that it probably won’t be a great first effort but it will get easier and better. Lots of successful people have done exactly this. I call it the “Tony Robbins method” because it’s all about taking massive action and not letting fear stop you.

I could make that option a bit more flow-based by focusing on how I’ll feel after I’ve done it. That’s also by the way one of my tests of whether an action is truly inspired or not; seeing it completed in my imagination and checking in with myself on whether it feels good. Knowing that I’ll feel proud and relieved when I’ve made and published my first video – and conversely that I’ll feel like I’ve let myself down if I allow the fear to get the better of me – helps me get into the feeling-place of actually doing it.

Sharpening the Saw

The other way is to trust the PROCESS, to commit to working on my alignment, doing my mindset work and journalling, looking for the better-feeling thought, setting my intention for the outcome, choosing new beliefs around it, and then stepping into action when I feel complete. Maybe in that process the video morphs into a Livestream (simple technology, less preparation) and I get the inspired idea to do it outside where not all the focus is on me, or to do it at a certain time of day when the light is most flattering (yes I AM that shallow! Deal with it ๐Ÿ™‚ )

It’s what Stephen Covey referred to as “sharpening the saw” – or at least it’s my interpretation of what he meant by it. It’s knowing why I’m doing it and why it matters to me, not just plunging into action (or avoiding it) and dealing with the aftermath. (And thank you Kat Loterzo for the analogy and for being such an awesome example of it in action.)

The Discipline of the Process

So where does the discipline and commitment come in? In the PROCESS, in committing to doing the mindset work EVERY day and then taking action on what shows up as a result. And then using that action to get more clarity on what I want and lining up with THAT in turn.

“Clarity comes from action, not thought.” ~ Marie Forleo

ONLY journalling/aligning gets me into flow, but doesn’t change anything in the physical world, it doesn’t mould the clay. ONLY taking action has me running round in circles, getting burned-out and exhausted and second-guessing every move. As Abraham-Hicks says, we came here to mould the clay, to have the leading-edge, physical experience. Not just to sit and dream about it and not to rush headlong into uninspired action. The discipline is in taking whatever action is necessary to get me lined up with my desires (into the Vortex, in Abraham terminology) and from THERE taking the resistance-free, inspired action towards the manifestation.

Is this something you consciously do, or would consider doing? Are you all about massive action, or do you prefer to line up with the desired outcome first? Or something else altogether? I’m loving the discussion of this!

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  1. Absolutely true! We often know the best thing to do, but develop all sorts of reasons (we never call them excuses) why it can’t be done- or at least not now.
    Take the step. Carpe diem!

    • Isobel says:

      You’re in the Tony Robbins camp then – do it afraid! Sometimes that seems to be the only way to break through a fear.

  2. LadyInRead says:

    oh so totally agree. and love your post.. will need to bookmark this one
    my current(or rather-next) commit to action call for myself – to exercise…and i am glad i have my DH who is committed to his plan of exercising already and has of late, started giving me that push..

    • Isobel says:

      Accountability definitely helps – that’s why I made my challenge public ๐Ÿ™‚ Well done with your commitment to exercise – make the decision and then line up with it!

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