How to become the next version of You

journalling insightThe blindingly obvious dawned on me this morning while I was journalling …

“I daily create and live the life I’m aligned with NOW. In order to uplevel my life, I need to align myself to the next level FIRST.”

Not that the thought itself was new to me, but I’d never put it in quite those words before and suddenly it had a whole different meaning.

This is what Step 6 of the Art of Change is all about (and if you haven’t read 7 Secrets to Change Your Life – and Make It Stick yet, now would be a good time).

You can’t BE something that you’re not.

Well, quite – I did say it was blindingly obvious!

So if you want to become something else, you have to BE that something first. You don’t “become” it afterwards, because you can’t get there until you ARE it.

Confused yet?

Ok, let’s try an example

I want to lose weight and eat less sugar.
I state my goal in terms of weight and size (and maybe certain health indicators).
I come up with an eating and exercise plan that will achieve the goal.
I join the gym, find the trainer, buy the food … whatever physical actions I can take towards my goal.

But we all know that in the face of fresh pizza or chocolate-covered marzipan, nothing is going to keep me to that plan. Nothing .. unless I first SEE myself at my new weight/size/health level. And not just see it but FEEL it, LIVE it in my imagination.

Because slim, healthy people don’t wolf down an entire family-size pizza, or 3 bars of chocolate a day.

Read that again.

I have to BE that slim, healthy version of myself in order to GET there.

Willpower and self-discipline will get me so far, but every single person who has ever been on a diet or exercise program and “failed” (even though there’s no such thing as failure, we all know what I mean) to reach their goal knows that eventually the willpower runs out and the Inner Brat takes over and says “but I WANT it and dammit I’m going to have it!”

So let’s get practical. HOW do you do this alignment thing, exactly?

The simple answer: You feed your mind constantly with new images and thoughts about yourself.

Ok smart-ass, and how do you do THAT?

I journal, with a pen in a real journal with hand-made paper pages. I write out my new version of myself as if I am already there. It might be a day in my future life: what I eat, how I move, what I wear, how I look, how I FEEL. You can just as easily journal on your computer, I prefer the feel of pen on paper though.

Or affirmations, written in a way that I can accept where I am now. So there’s no point writing:
“I AM slim and toned”
if I can see perfectly well I’m not!

But I could accept:
I choose to align myself with being slim and toned
I choose to align myself with being fit enough to hike in the mountains with my friends
I choose to align myself with looking good in a bikini
I choose to align myself with loving my body

In other words, bypass the conscious, logical mind and get through to the subconscious.

I also use visualisation a lot. And for those who say they “can’t visualise” I say – what colour is your front door?

Yep you just visualised it 🙂 (and yep, I am truly a smart-ass. I hold the crown, don’t even think about trying to dethrone me)

Visualising, or visioning as some people call it, isn’t just daydreaming. It’s “daydreaming with intent”.
You have to immerse yourself in how Future You feels and acts, whilst being aware of directing the vision so it stays focused on the outcome you want.

This is also not quite the same as the Step 3 visualisation. In Step 3, you’re doing it in order to clarify your vision of who you can be. In Step 6, you ARE your new version of yourself. A subtle difference and if it’s not clear to you, don’t worry about it. Do it anyway.

And don’t dismiss the power of visualising. Years ago, I wanted to ask my then boyfriend a favour and decided to go through the conversation in my mind first. Unfortunately I didn’t think he would be very happy about doing it, so the imaginary conversation turned into an argument in my head because I didn’t direct it properly. I felt angry with him all day and when I saw him later on, my first words to him were “You’re so damn selfish!” and of course he had absolutely no idea what I was talking about! Luckily once I explained he found the whole thing so funny he agreed to what I wanted, but I wouldn’t recommend relying on the Universe to respond that way 🙂

Sometimes I use a guided meditation (I’ll dig out some examples of ones I’ve found helpful) to lead me through the visualisation and keep me on track.

I’ll also “act as if” as often as I can, to bring my vision into the physical world. So staying with the health and weight example, how does a slim, healthy person walk to the shops? Does she (or he) slouch along, or does she hold herself proudly, abs taut, head up, walking briskly? You get the idea …

How does my future version eat? Does she wolf it down as fast as possible while surfing the net or watching TV? Or does she savour every mouthful, eating slowly, elegantly and mindfully (even if it’s still the family-size pizza)?

So … now you get it – what are you going to do about it?

What do you need to align with? Let us know in the comments below or on my Facebook page.

And if you need some help – with a change you desperately want to make, with getting aligned with a future You or getting clarity on what living a happy and fulfilled life actually MEANS to you – get in touch. Email me or leave me a message through my page (you have to use Messenger now, but you can scan this image to make it easier) and I’ll get right back to you.

THIS is your life. Make it count!

With love, always …

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  1. Great advice, Isobel. And, sticking with it, helps create the new you you want.

  2. Lesley Dewar says:

    Isobel, I like this phrasing.
    I can align myself with my envisioned goals and my self determined outcomes.
    I have tried and failed with visualisations in the past where my verbal phrasing was all in the “I am” style.
    I found them disconcordant.
    Even today, to write “I am financially free” grated.
    But I could happily write “I am aligned to my goal of being financially free by xxxx”
    That way, the goal is reinforced, and the timeline to achieve it cements it in my subconscious.
    Thank you.

    • Isobel says:

      Yes, I like that too …
      I can align myself with …
      Very good!

      Sometimes I use:
      I choose to believe that …
      or even
      I want to believe that …

      Thanks 🙂

  3. Ruth Bowers says:

    I love the way you have reworded your affirmations. That makes so much more sense than doing a straight I AM statement. Thanks!

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