Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship: #4 Your Spending Habits

Good credit makes you a good relationship risk

Good credit makes you a good relationship risk


Did you know that your credit score can predict how long your relationship will last?

Apparently, the better your credit score, the better partner you’re likely to make because you’re more likely to commit to relationships – and stay committed.

This research comes from the US Federal Reserve Board, which followed 12 million US consumers for 15 years. It shows that our credit score reflects more than just our financial backgrounds, it reflects our personality and our skills in managing relationships.

According to the study, having good credit means you’re able to meet obligations and resist temptations!

Also – and not surprisingly – the closer your credit score to your partner’s, the more likely you are to be happy together long-term. Big differences reflect opposite spending styles – a huge predictor for unhappiness and divorce.

So I’d love to know – do those of you in the longest-term relationships have the best credit scores? lol

Or if you’re not prepared to reveal that (and I don’t blame you!), what do you think of the study’s findings? Do they match your experience?

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