Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship: #5 Sleeping Habits

Do your sleeping habits meet both your needs?

Do your sleeping habits meet both your needs?


The more sleep you have, the more sex you’ll want.

This one seems obvious: you need energy for good sex and energy levels are low when you’re sleep deprived.

But it turns out lots of people who classify themselves as “low desire” are simply tired.

So insufficient sleep not only leaves you feeling tired and more susceptible to getting sick, it has sexual repercussions for both sexes, according to a study in brain research at the US National Institute of Health.

In another study from 4 years ago, scientists from the University of Chicago found men who get less than five hours sleep a night for a week or longer have far lower levels of testosterone than those who get a good night’s rest.

And in 2010, researchers found that more than three quarters of Britons would rather have a good night’s sleep than have sex! Well that’s the Brits for you 🙂

The magic amount of sleep for most people is seven to nine hours per night.

Does lack of sleep affect your or your partner’s sex drive? Do you think you get enough sleep?

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