Your Thoughts are Lying to You!


This morning, I woke up to a feeling of sadness, of slight depression. I didn’t want to get up, even though my first “task” of the day (after journalling and feeding the cats) was to go out to a delicious breakfast in a hotel! Nothing too depressing about that.

I lay in bed trying to pinpoint where the sad feelings were coming from, and realised that I was starting to feel worse – now I felt twinges of fear as well.

But there is nothing in my life to be afraid of. I probably have the least fearful, most relaxed lifestyle of anyone I know!

Then it dawned on me. Yet again, my thoughts had tricked me into believing them. Yet again, they had trapped into analysing them, taking them seriously, giving them meaning, making them RELEVANT.

When actually – they’re just thoughts. They’re not real. They’re not the truth.

Sure, sometimes “Thoughts are things” but not these thoughts-with-a-small-t, not unless I MAKE them into “THINGS” by giving them my attention, watering them and fussing over them until they grow like Jack’s beanstalk and temporarily take over my mind.

In fact, I hadn’t needed to even let them get as far as they did; my FEELINGS were guiding me the second I opened my eyes that my thoughts were taking me in the wrong direction, away from alignment and flow and sucking me into the swamp of believing I need somehow to be “fixed”, “improved” or “developed” into something I’m not currently.

Not that I’m against growth and expansion and moving forwards – but not at the expense of believing I’m flawed and inadequate as I am.

A thought – my thought – is the only thing that can keep me from being in this moment, enjoying who I am and where I am and what I’m doing right now.

A thought – my thought – is the only thing that stands between me and alignment with Source.

The only person who gets to think my thoughts is me. No one else has the power to think them for me, or to decide for me where I put my attention.

And the never-fail, always-reliable sign that my thoughts are going in a direction that doesn’t serve me are my feelings. When I’m feeling sad, depressed, inadequate or afraid, my thoughts aren’t to be trusted. They’re not telling me the Truth, which is that in my natural state I am totally aligned with Source, living my purpose, happy and content.

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